How reliable are Mozilla’s new Add-on performance tests?

Recently, Mozilla started issuing a list of Firefox’s “slowest add-ons” ,which are based on it’s performance tests,  which tell that what add-ons impact on the performance of the browser.

slow performing add ons firefox thumb How reliable are Mozilla’s new Add on performance tests?

Over the coming weeks, “slow performance warnings” will be issued in the add-on gallery so that users can observe, before installation, which “add-ons” will slow down their browser.

firefox add on performance reliability thumb How reliable are Mozilla’s new Add on performance tests?

But Wladimir Palant, developer of Adblock Plus, has been investigating for the past few days whether Mozilla’s testing methods are how far accurate? Surprisingly, it’s found that Mozilla’s performance numbers could be significantly wrong — and if they’re not wrong, Mozilla should definitely make more transparent of it’s factors that uses to tabulate an add-ons final score.

In the first series of test, Palant observes that FlashGot’s ( Firefox-addon) position in the top 10 slow performing add-ons is probably due to a fault in Mozilla’s testing setup and that add-ons can perform varyingly depending on the OS they’re being tested on. In the second analysis, Palant finds an irregularity leading obviously to an I/O bottleneck on Mozilla’s test machines.  For eg, even though performance testing of “Read It Later” (another Add-on) is disabled (because of a bug), it still manages to show a 14% slow-down on Windows 7.

Palant concludes both analysis, by scolding Mozilla for going public with it’s performance data before it’s testing methods have been confirmed accurate. It definitely looks like Mozilla is little reckless on the add-on front, considering the Firefox’s add-on eco-system.

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