iPad 2 Rumours – Is it Smooth Sailing or Any Issues?

Isolated users might have complained about some glitches about the new iPad 2, but there have been no widespread issues about the same. Take a look out about the reported problems, before you make a new iPad 2 purchase.

It is definitely worth saying that, it has been relatively smooth sailing for the second generation tablet, with few if any significant bugs being reported across the U.S. One would recall that the first iPad was fraught with issues that depressed first-time tablet customers. I’ve already mentioned a few cons of the first iPad like the weak Wi-Fi reception, poor charging via USB cable, crashing apps etc which were most likely due to the rawness of the device and platform for app developers.

ipad 2 release date thumb iPad 2 Rumours   Is it Smooth Sailing or Any Issues?

With the advent of iPad 2, the above-mentioned issues to be non-existent. Though, still some old issues like the weak Wi-Fi connections on the base model that do not offer 3G connectivity seem to linger around. Digital Trends recently listed some of the issues pointed by some of the users, like quality defects related to the screen : pale yellow bonding blotches that are the end-result of shoddy manufacturing, backlight bleed and dead pixels.

Thought so much is said about it, the good news is that these reports about iPad 2 are from minor users, and though the screen issues are annoying, they’re not that big as the early issues of first iPad. Most encouraging fact is that front-facing camera is a great addition, with no major problems reported, as well with the A5 chip.

ipad 2 rumours thumb iPad 2 Rumours   Is it Smooth Sailing or Any Issues?

It just shows that Apple is the leader of the tablet market when it comes to reliability, innovation, and quality.

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