Freezing Issues of iPad 2: A Review

Though how many users are experiencing this problem, time will only tell, but some users are complaining that their iPad 2 has been freezing when they use the Face Time application.

What is the Exact Problem?

What users are complaining is that when they get a call using the FaceTime app, their iPad freezes up. To unscrew this problem, they have to turn off their unit and restart it again. It is being whispered around that Apple’s Support Community bulletin board is getting lot of comments and reviews about this specific iPad 2 issue.

Partial Solution :-

Restarting the unit simply solves the freezing problem. Another solution is to have the software restored on iPad 2 so that the bugs are cleared out successfully, that may be present on the unit. But the commonest solution has been to restart the iPad 2. Verizon also recommends their users to restart their unit when using the Face Time app.

Is the Issue Major?

Though this freezing issue simply seems to concern the Face Time application, it does not have to do with the Camera and Photo application or any other recording functions or applications.

iPad 2 Face Time Freezing issue thumb Freezing Issues of iPad 2: A Review

Response from Apple?

While Apple is tight lipped about the FaceTime complaints and this particular iPad 2 problem. But the general view is that Apple should atleast make a comment or have something on their website or at retailers, about the iPad 2 freezing problem and how users should go forth about clearing any kind of malfunctions as a result of using FaceTime app.


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