Comparison of (iPad 2) vs (iPad): Key Specs Compared

The iPad 2 was finally lauched and is available for buying in the US, while some other international countries have to wait till March 25th, 2011.

So many people want to do a comparison of the old iPad versus the new iPad 2. How does it differ from the old iPad? The two devices are very much similar in many ways, so I’d like to present a detailed comparison of the specs of both devices.


The original iPad ran on A4 which is an ARM Cortex A8-based core clocked at 1GHz. It’s a fully-integrated on a chip (SoC) and was rumoured to be manufactured by Samsung for Apple.

The iPad 2 introduces the A5,  a dual-core chip based on the new ARM Cortex-A9 design, which has the same basic architecture, such as the Nvidia Tegra 2. The A5 is clocked at 1GHz, but has no added power consumption.


Just like the iPhone 4, both iPad and iPad 2 have an Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX-based graphics chip. The 9x times better graphics speed in iPad 2 vs the original iPad, as promised by Apple, is to be seen. The iPad used a PowerVR SGX 535 chip, while the iPad 2 is thought to have 4 pipes. But will that increase 9x performance?


The presumably Toshiba-manufactured flash storage is the same in both the iPads – 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB. The original RAM had just 256MB of RAM, while most likely the new one may have 512MB of RAM- which is not cited in the official spec sheet.


iPad has the same screen, but with Face Time. It’s a 1024 x 768 9.7 inch LED-backlit display with fingerprint-resistant oleophobic(lacking affinity for oils) coating.

ipad2 vs ipad display Comparison of (iPad 2) vs (iPad): Key Specs Compared

iPAD 2: Same screen, this time with FaceTime


Unlike the original iPad, the new one has the 3-axis gyroscope found in iPhone 4 and latest iPod touch.

Buttons and other hardware

With the other switch, iOS 4.3 on iPad 2 gives you the option of a mute control or screen orientation lock depending on what you specify.

Size and Weight

The thickness is down to 8.8mm from 13.4mm. The iPad 2 is now thinner even than the iPhone 4.


Height: 242.8 mm
Width: 189.7 mm
Depth: 13.4 mm
Weight: 680g for Wi-Fi model, 730g for the Wi-Fi and 3G model

iPad 2

Height: 241.2 mm
Width: 185.7 mm
Depth: 8.8 mm
Weight: 601g for Wi-Fi model, 613g for the Wi-Fi and 3G model

Battery Life

Both offer the same 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video or listening to music. The standby time is promised to be 1 month on both the devices.

ipad2 comparison size Comparison of (iPad 2) vs (iPad): Key Specs Compared

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