Test Read/Write Speed : USB/Hard Disk/External HDD

Computer users buy hard-disks, USB, external hard drive just by their capacity and fail to check what is their read/write speeds. So before you go shopping buying a new HDD, it is better to check hard disk speeds. Sometimes, you may get the required hard disk read speed, but you fail to get the write speed. If you’re buying a USB or an external HDD, it’s better to perform a usb speed test.

Today, I’ll introduce two tools to check the read write speed.

1. SpeedOut: Check USB and External HDD read write speed :-

This is a simple tool to find the exact data transfer rate and also check whether your USB/external HDD is providing the exact performance mentioned in it’s specs. SpeedOut has a very simple interface, which shows the results in a bar chart along with the numerical test results.


usb speed test Test Read/Write Speed : USB/Hard Disk/External HDD

SpeedOut performs four tests for read and write and, provides the average result. It works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Download Speedout


2. CrystalDiskMark: Check Read/Write Speed of Hard Disk :-

The working of CrystalDiskMark is based on two points: Read and Write. It is a disk benchmark utility which measures hard disk health in terms of read/write speed. It can do multiple comparisons between 2 hard drives, compare old one with the new one, and easily infer hard drive health.

 Test Read/Write Speed : USB/Hard Disk/External HDD

You can perform the read/write speed tests sequentially, 512K block, 4K block and queue depth. To do all the above tests at once, select from the upper part of the window, number of test runs, size of test run, and specify disk drive.  It is better to choose a smaller size for test i.e 50 MB, as large test would take long time.


Download CrystalDiskMark

Once, the test is complete, you can use the same parameters to test another hard drive.

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