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The concept of memory has revolutionised so much, that you can carry a hard-disk in your hands these days. Earlier, it was 1.44” Floppy disks, then CD’s, DVD’s etc, but now it’s USB external disks or pen-drives. The extent of memory has also changed so much, such that you can carry large capacities without any problem. But have you ever tested, whether the USB stick or SD card you’re carrying is really worth and working truly! This becomes important in time-critical issues. You carry the USB drive or SD card, thinking it’s working well, only to find out later, it is either partially damaged or has read/write problems.


Here is a tiny application called H2testw which allows the user to check USB drives and SD Cards for read/write errors. The amazing nature of this application is that you can verify the degree of damage done, by completely filling all the free space on the drive or card. Another interesting feature is that, you can check the USB drive or SD card for both read/write capabilities. This will also let you know the errors and speed of the drive or card. Filling free space can be done in two ways. You can either fill the whole space or specify partial size in MBs, for inspecting purposes.


Download:  H2testw


How to Use?

The usage is easy and straightforward. Launch the application (H2testw), once the USB/SD stick is inserted. Select the drive by clicking Select target. Now select the data filling options. It’s recommended to fill all the free space with write option to check for errors in depth.


H2testw thumb%5B1%5D Check USB/SD Card for Read/Write Errors : H2testw

Click Write + Verify button to start read/write operation. When the operation is complete, the app shows information regarding read/write speed. In case of errors, it shows the concerned information about your SD card or USB drive.


 Check USB/SD Card for Read/Write Errors : H2testw



For the sake of writing purposes, the app creates .h2w files on the drive or card. This can be re-used to verify again and again. Once the Write+Verify operation is completed, you’ll see the Verify option enabled on the main screen. “Verify” does nothing  but, it reads previous written .h2w files, for checking the reading capabilities.


OS requirements

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7.


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