Screenshot Extension for Chrome : FireShot

FireShot is a noted Mozilla Firefox extension which allows content writers to capture, edit, annotate, organize, export, upload and print screenshots from web pages. Now the extension or an add-on is available for Google Chrome also. Once you take a screenshot of the webpage, you can save it in PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP formats and you’ll be able to upload to Flickr, Image Shack, Picasa etc.


Fireshot thumb%5B8%5D Screenshot Extension for Chrome : FireShot

The Fireshot icon which sits next to the search bar displays all options. Using these options, users can capture, upload, email, edit, print, save and annotate screenshots. Fireshot was developed by the famous creators of ScreenShot Studio software. This Chrome extension brings in many features that can be used in supporting browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer and as well as Chrome.










But all the features with free version of Fireshot are useless, unless you use the Pro version, which has the editor for making changes to the screenshot. Using the editor of the Fireshot Pro version, lets the screenshot display even more enhanced options. Some of these include addition of text, shape and drawing tools. Many choices are also displayed in icon form.


 Screenshot Extension for Chrome : FireShot

The extension for Chrome incorporates with browsers to provide effective direction, advanced editing and image sharing options. The screenshots can be saved in different formats like PNG,GIF, JPEG, BMP formats or uploaded to Flickr, Picasa, ImageShack, a webserver etc.


Download: Free Fireshot Extension for Chrome

But unless you buy the Fireshot Pro version, this extension looks useless. The Pro version costs around $35. Beware!


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