Windows 7 Genuine Advantage

Recently, I’ve been checking about my Windows 7 genuine validity, by visiting the microsoft genuine website. To my unexpectedness, I found that the page showing the genuine validity of Microsoft OS has changed. I am using Windows 7, which I downloaded from piratebay and applied the crack, is still showing genuine on my computer as shown in the below image.

 Windows 7 Genuine Advantage

I found some of my visitors to my site, commenting that the crack or hack is not working. Though I’m not sure what the problem is, I would request to check the below screenshot.

Microsoft Windows 7 genuine page.

 Windows 7 Genuine Advantage

This is the genuine page for US on visiting the Microsoft OS genuine website. The page will be different for different countries. This is different from the earlier page you used to get on visiting the genuine site.

What is the Windows 7 Genuine Advantage?

Once your computer/laptop is certified Windows 7 genuine by Microsoft, you get access to various proprietary features. You’ll get access to support from Microsoft technical team, whenever you face problems with the Windows 7 OS. Your computer will be liable for automatic updates from Microsoft for your Windows 7 OS for being Windows 7 genuine. These updates or patches keep your computer secure and help in smooth running of your computer. Finally, you get access to various software from the official website of the company.

Download Microsoft Essentials – You can download the free anti-virus product from Microsoft from free, when you computer is tagged genuine by the Microsoft genuine website.

Home – If you visit the home page, you get access to various other software products.

Windows Media Player (WMP) – Once you’re using Windows 7 genuine, you are liable to download various WMP software and components. You get access to WMP 12. You can have more Windows Media downloads by visiting this page – Download Link.

Windows 7 Themes – You can download various official themes related to Windows 7. The themes are arranged in different categories – New themes, Animals, Art and entertainment, Automotive, Nature, Holidays and seasons, Places and landscapes, Branded themes etc.

Desktop backgrounds (wallpaper) – By default, themes come with only a few wallpapers. But if once you’re genuine, there are various official wallpapers you can download from the site. They are similarly categorized just like themes – Animals, fish and bugs, Art and entertainment, Holidays and Seasons, Natures, plants, and flowers, Places and landscapes etc.

Desktop and Sideshow gadgets – Windows 7 offers a good sidebar. You can place different gadgets on this sidebar. If you’re PC is genuine, you have the choice to download various desktop and sidebar gadgets. They too are categorized as – Featured desktop gadgets, Top downloads, Top Rated etc.

Windows Live Gallery – There are even more gadgets in the Windows Live Gallery link.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta – With the rich experience of Windows 7, you can explore the new beta features of IE 9 Beta. By default, IE8 comes with Windows 7 genuine, but you can try the new IE versions.

Compatible Software, Drivers, Downloads etc – Once you’re genuine, you’ll get access to different compatible software, device drivers like for eg. printer drivers and downloads. In the hardware section, you can access compatible drivers for cameras & photo, printers & scanners, MP3 & media players, TV devices, communication devices, mice, keyboards & Input devices, displays, monitors, networking, graphic cards & components, storage devices etc. Under software, you get access to PC gaming, communication & internet, business & home office, utilities etc

Windows XP Mode & Virtual PC – If you still find some programs are in-compatible with Windows 7, you can try the XP mode and you can try various other OS using the Virtual PC. This applies to different versions like Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional & Enterprise.

Additional Windows 7 Genuine advantage

In addition to the above list, you can download Language Packs, try Office 2010, and other various downloads, when you’re Windows 7 genuine.

 Windows 7 Genuine AdvantageEnjoy! TechLikes

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