Open Multiple Programs/Files/Website in 1-Click – Multifire

With the advent of XP and Windows 7, it has become easy to hibernate your computer and start off your work from where you let off! But what- if-you like to shut down the computer and want to start all the programs, open multiple files, open multiple web-sites in 1-click ! Though there are many batch scripts to do that, here comes a simple software which does the same with naughty ease!


Multifire has no user interface and the working of the software goes like this.


How to use Multifire?


  • Open your notepad.
  • Enter the application paths, website links, file locations (one per line) in this text file.
  • Save this file using .multifire extension.
  • When you open this file, all the defined websites, programs, files open at once!

multifire batch openfiles thumb%5B1%5D Open Multiple Programs/Files/Website in 1 Click   Multifire


This increase the productivity of your work and makes it easy opening websites, files and programs.


Download Multifire

The software works on all Windows OS like XP/Vista/2003/Server 2008/7.

 Open Multiple Programs/Files/Website in 1 Click   MultifireEnjoy! TechLikes

share save 256 24 Open Multiple Programs/Files/Website in 1 Click   Multifire

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