Convert Multiple ISO Images into Single MultiBoot USB/ISO file using XBOOT

You must be having a torrid time in installing applications once you installed your favourite Windows 7 OS. There are many software applications in ISO format, which become a time consuming experiencing, installing one after another. You must be imagining for a great tool to club all these ISO image applications into one big ISO file, so that you can install all the applications at once. Till now, there wasn’t such an application, but thanks to XBoot, this solves the problem very easily!


XBoot is a powerful utility which allows you to combine a set of ISO image files into a single multi-boot USB/ISO file. This application has many other features, in addition to supporting different websites from which you can download the ISO image files of software applications. After downloading from the respective sites, you can combine them to create bootable USB or a collective ISO image to burn on optical disk. Most of software developers, release their products in ISO format which makes it useful to consolidate all the essential ISO images into one big multiboot USB/ISO file. There is also the option of checksum calculator which makes it easy to confirm the original release of the application ISO image file.


Xboot is very user-friendly in the sense it can be used by both amateurs and pros alike.


How to Use Xboot?


There are basically 3 tabs on this application.

  • Create Multiboot USB/ISO
  • QEMU
  • Edit MultiBoot USB

XBOOT : Download here

To use Xboot, all you need to do is drag and drop the ISO files of different applications from local location on your PC or any other device, to the Xboot window, in the Create Multiboot USB/ISO tab. The software will calculate the total size while allowing suitable altercations to the inserted ISO image file, by the user. You can also calculate the MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 etc, checksum.


xboot thumb%5B1%5D Convert Multiple ISO Images into Single MultiBoot USB/ISO file using XBOOT

In the Edit MultiBoot USB tab, you can select the connected USB flash drives on which you are going to create the single multi-boot ISO file. Beside it, you can edit the Grub4dos bootloader config file and also install it.


After including all the ISO images of the respective software applications, either select Create ISO button to create a single ISO file or Create USB button to write ISO on specified USB drive. For power users, it also offers QEMU that lets you boot USB on QEMU.


With XBOOT, there is no necessary to search the websites for downloading the ISO files of the respective applications. It offers famously websites which can be directly accessed. Upon future requests, the list will be updated with new websites. For now, some Windows and Linux based developers sites are listed along with some anti-virus software.


The application integrates seamlessly with Windows 7 x64 bit OS. It also supports XP/Vista/7 and requires .NET 4.0.

 Convert Multiple ISO Images into Single MultiBoot USB/ISO file using XBOOTEnjoy! TechLikes

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  • Ironyman

    Isn’t it ironical that Xboot won’t combine *any* MS Windows ISOs – see author ShamurShamur’s disclaimer, but it *requires* MS Windows to work?!

    Is there a tool which will work on Linux but allow to combine Windows ISOs?