Install New Android Market 2.2.6 On Your Phone

If you’re star struck by the new revamped Android Market, but disappointed that it’s not available on your device, you’re here for some luck. The market place is still not available to all firmware. But if you’re using a rooted device and running Froyo or later, you can brag about the much aesthetic and functional Android Market on your device.


market Install New Android Market 2.2.6 On Your Phone

 Install New Android Market 2.2.6 On Your Phone

Though this process is less harmful to your device, we advise you to run these steps at your own risk. Fear not, we’ll also show you how to back up your earlier market app. But still the decision is yours.




1.  Root access to file system – this can be a slippery part. This is because the app that is being used for this guide is Root Explorer, a paid app for $2.50. Instead, you can use a free PC-based Android manager that gives root access, such as Droid Explorer.

2. The up-to-date Android Market 2.2.6 – Download here

3. A Rooted device running Android 2.2 FroYo or later.


The steps that are being used for installing the new market app are as follows:


1. Set the downloaded to the root of your SD card.

2. Change to the location /system/app on your Android device (use either Root Explorer or any other program), and find the file named “Vending.apk”. This is your former Market application.

3. Create a back up for this old apk, encase something goes bad. Rename the file in earlier step i.e “Vending.apk” to something like Vending.apkOLD (change the extension as you feel). The new market app’s APK will replace this file.


 Install New Android Market 2.2.6 On Your Phone


4. Reboot your phone. Now either go to your SD card and install the new APK or else manually copy/paste it to /system/app. To be sure, reboot once more. But the following time, you start market app, you’ll see the new interface staring at you!


How to Restore Old Android Market (If something goes wrong)!

If something fails and you don’t see the new Android Market 2.2.6 app face, you can restore the old market app using the backup we created earlier. Initially, uninstall the new Market app. This can be done by navigating to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Once it is removed, change to “/system/app” again and assign the old name to the “Vending.apkOLD” (or whatever you named it to) back to Vending.apk. Reboot the phone for the changes to take effect.


It is observed that Android Market 2.2.6 works well with Android 2.2, 2.2.1,2.3. You can also try 2.1 or 1.6, and let us know if it worked.


Another Easy way to Install


Once you have Android Development kit, there is another easy way to install, which does not involve installing any third party apps. But however, your device should be rooted.


 Install New Android Market 2.2.6 On Your Phone

1. adb devices [to make sure your device is listed]
2. adb shell
3. su
4. mount -o rw,remount /system
5. mv /system/app/Vending.apk /system/app/Vending.apk.bak
6. [CTRL+C] to exit the shell command
7. Reboot your phone


After Reboot

8. Browse from your command prompt to where you have downloaded your new market apk file [eg. D:\Downloads]
9. adb install [file name].apk
10. Reboot your phone


Start the new market app and enjoy!


 Install New Android Market 2.2.6 On Your PhoneEnjoy TechLikes!


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