How to Change Android Fonts – Font Changer is the App

The default font present in the Android phones offers reliable experience and is very pleasing to the eyes.But the draw-back is that Android OS does not offer any built-in way to change it. Android users use lot of custom theme or apps, and would love to change their default font. Font Changer is a small app, which will change the default font to the custom font.


To install Font Changer, search the Android Market, and snap it from AppBrain using the link given below.


Download Font Changer (Lite) from AppBrain

Download Font Changer (Paid, $1.11) from AppBrain


How to Install Font Changer


 How to Change Android Fonts   Font Changer is the App

 How to Change Android Fonts   Font Changer is the App


Font Changer works by default with TTF fonts only. To install a font, copy the font to the ‘.fontchanger’ folder on your SD card and run the Font Changer app. The app will automatically recognize the font and will allow you to apply it. How it Works? It works by copying the font to the system partition, overwriting any default font over there. It also takes a backup automatically, but sometimes this feature may not work. In that case, just manually restore to the default font using the original Android font.


Font Changer was once a paid app, but lately a free lite version was released into the market. Both the paid and lite versions let you change across the Android user interface and are compatible with many previously featured MIUI interface as well. The paid version is priced at $1.11. It includes many additional features such as the

1. ability to change screen density ( not compatible with MIUI),

2. quick reboot option for applying the font change (not compatible with MIUI)

3. preview of a font before applying it. and

4. user customizations for the elements of some applications.


Fonts are not delivered in either the paid or the lite versions. To apply Font Changer, one’s device must be rooted. It should permit system write access (also called S-off and NAND unlock). One can follow this guide on how to achieve system write access on your Android phone. Plus, BusyBox must be installed. You can use this guide to download and install BusyBox on your Android phone.


Font Changer forges well with many of the Android devices. But in case of Samsung Galaxy S series devices, one must unistall the Font Changer app to restore back the default font.


 How to Change Android Fonts   Font Changer is the AppTechlikes


Source : Font Changer Lets You Change Android Fonts

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