How to Delete/Remove Facebook Application

Socialized users of Facebook have a great tendency to add many applications to their account. As your applications tally grows, it becomes frustration to remove some of the applications. Well, the ways of adding different applications or giving access to these applications to your account is easy. But once you found that these applications are an annoying feature and want to get rid of them, here is the solution!


Login to Facebook

Once you are logged into Facebook, you can see the Account tab on the top right hand corner, just next to Home and Profile tabs. Click on the arrow icon to see the drop down list. In the list click on Privacy Settings.


 How to Delete/Remove Facebook Application

Now you’ll be shown a page to  Choose Your Privacy Settings. At the bottom left hand side of the page, you’ll find Applications and Websites. Click on Edit your Settings


 How to Delete/Remove Facebook Application

In the next page, you’ll be greeted with Choose Your Privacy Settings > Applications, Games and Websites. Here, you’ll see the list of all the applications which have access to your Facebook account.

 How to Delete/Remove Facebook Application

Click on Edit Settings next to the application list. You’ll see a page with list of applications and cross mark at the end of each application.


 How to Delete/Remove Facebook Application

In order to remove the application, just click on the cross mark. This will delete or remove the Facebook application and will disallow access to your information.


 How to Delete/Remove Facebook ApplicationEnjoy!

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