Block/Unblock Ads in Google Chrome

Most of the users of internet are easily frustrated and bogged down, when they are searching for important content on a web page. The reason being, stupid ads! May be it is Google Adsense, Adbrite, Chitika etc or any other ad network, many of us are tired of these ads, which do nothing but creating disturbance in your search for clear and organized content. If you’re using Firefox, there are add-ons to disable these disliked monsters. If you’re using Google Chrome, you are lame and blind with ads if you don’t have proper ammunition. But extensions come as a dear help in this frustration.


 Block/Unblock Ads in Google Chrome

AdThwart is a Chrome extension, which uses the Firefox AdBlock Plus filter engine to block ads in your favourite browser. You can choose from a number of filter lists, including the good-known EasyList or else subscribe to any other AdBlock Plus Filter list. The updates are automatic to this extension, which makes it easy to maintain.


 Block/Unblock Ads in Google Chrome

As you can see there is a smiling cat icon in the browser address bar when this feature is enabled. You can easily add sites to the filter. You can just disable this extension, as easy as clicking the cat icon in the address bar. Once you uncheck the box saying Enabled for this site, you’ll be able to see the ads again.


There are many options with this Chrome extension, just like Firefox add-on.


 Block/Unblock Ads in Google Chrome

Use right click on the cat icon in the Chrome address bar and select Options. There’ll be a new page showing the available options. There is Filter lists, where you can select the different proprietary or default filter lists to be added to the present list.  You can Add your own filters, which is easy as it is going. Just click on Easy create filter, which is shown on clicking the cat icon. This will show up options to disable an element on the page. You can add whitelisted domains, so that ads will show up in your favourite domains like or You can also enable or disable inline text ads. It also blocks ads inside YouTube, which you can disable if you like.


Install AdThwart Extension in Google Chrome

If you using this extension in Google Chrome to block your ads, your page will look something similar to this.


 Block/Unblock Ads in Google Chrome

As you can see there are no ads, just below the page title. But if you disable the ad blocker, you can see the different ads on the page. This works for Google Adsense ads as well.

 Block/Unblock Ads in Google Chrome

 Block/Unblock Ads in Google ChromeEnjoy!

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    Hey Great. Thanks for this. I am very much irritate for Ads . ..  Thanks now i can stops ads and its really improve the speed too.