Facebook Chat Desktop Client for Windows- Chit Chat

If you’re so glued to Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, for your chatting needs, what about Facebook? Facebook has been a phenomenon in social networking circles, that it dominates all forms of chatting and other forms of messages. Facebook also has a IM chat application, which is very simple. Even though Facebook Chat is very popular, web interface needs many features to be improved upon. This makes the necessity of a good desktop client for Facebook Chat like Chit Chat. Also, you need to be logged into Facebook all the time, if you need to chat with your friends.


Chit Chat – Alternative Facebook Chat


Chit Chat is a good desktop client to overcome all these needs. It provides a tabbed interface to talk to many of your friends at once. It will also show notifications in the system tray when your friends come online or when they are signed out.


Benefits of Chit Chat for Facebook


  • Fun and Free – It is very convenient and fun way to chat with your friends without the hassles of surfing Facebook.
  • Free Your Web Browser – No need of your browser to be logged into Facebook.
  • Easy to Use – Download, Install  and then login with your Facebook credentials.
  • Instant Message Notification – You get a notification whenever you receive an instant message.

 Facebook Chat Desktop Client for Windows  Chit Chat

 Facebook Chat Desktop Client for Windows  Chit Chat










One of the primary advantages of Chit Chat is – this is only and only Facebook IM application. You don’t have any other IM applications clustered within this application. So if you want to be chatting with only your Facebook friends, this is the application to use.


You can download this application from here.


Download Chit Chat – Facebook Chat Desktop client

 Facebook Chat Desktop Client for Windows  Chit ChatEnjoy!

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    Looks like an awesome client for facebook chat,thanks.