Windows Live Writer 2011 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Bloggers have many tools to writer their posts. One of the popular tools among Blogger, WordPress and other CMS users is Windows Live Writer. Lately in 2011, Microsoft released a new version of its frequently used tool. You can download Windows Live Writer 2011 from here.


Download Windows Live Writer 2011

Once you installed the software, you are ready to import your blogs and can write your posts with ease. This tool makes photo sharing and video sharing very easy and embedding is as easy as pressing some keystrokes. Windows Live Writer is part of Windows Live Essentials. But many people are used to using keyboard shortcuts while using this blogging tool. So I’ve gathered some shortcuts, which are useful while writing posts and easy to remember also.


Command Keystroke New for 2011
Text Center Alignment Ctrl+E X
Text Left Alignment Ctrl+L X
Text Right Alignment Ctrl+R X
Set text direction of paragraph Left to Right Ctrl+Left Shift X
Set text direction of paragraph Right to Left Ctrl+Right Shift X
Bold text Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Strikethrough Ctrl+H
Underline Ctrl+U
Superscript Ctrl+Shift+= X
Subscript Ctrl+= X
Bulleted List Ctrl+Shift+L X
Check Spelling F7
Clear Del
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Delete Del
Select All Ctrl+A
Paste Ctrl+V
Paste Special Ctrl+Left Alt+V
Paste without formatting Ctrl+Shift+V
Remove Links and Clear Formatting Ctrl+Space
Find Ctrl+F
Redo Ctrl+Y
Undo Ctrl+Z
Apply Paragraph style Ctrl+Shift+N X
Apply Heading 1 style Ctrl+Left Alt+1 X
Apply Heading 2 style Ctrl+Left Alt+2 X
Apply Heading 3 style Ctrl+Left Alt+3 X
Apply Heading 4 style Ctrl+Left Alt+4 X
Apply Heading 5 style Ctrl+Left Alt+5 X
Apply Heading 6 style Ctrl+Left Alt+6 X
Insert Hyperlink Ctrl+K
New Page Ctrl+G
New Post Ctrl+N
Open Post Ctrl+O
Post and Publish Ctrl+Shift+P
Post Draft to blog Ctrl+Shift+D
Save Ctrl+S
Print Ctrl+P
Insert Picture from File Ctrl+J X
Insert Picture from Web Ctrl+Shift+J X
Switch to Source View Shift+F11
Switch to Preview view F12
Switch to Edit View F11
Edit using Theme Ctrl+F11
Post Properties Dialog F2
Set focus in Post Properties field or Previous property field Shift+F6
Set focus in Next Field of Post Properties F6
Show Properties Pane dialog for selected field Ctrl+Shift+C
Toggle sidebar for plug-ins F9
Help F1
Toggle ribbon visible state Ctrl+F1 X


 Windows Live Writer 2011   Keyboard ShortcutsEnjoy!


share save 256 24 Windows Live Writer 2011   Keyboard Shortcuts

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