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One of the important security tools these days – antivirus. Though there are many solutions for these kind of programs, there are some good programs like Avira AntiVir. This is rated as one of the best anti-virus solutions for all kind of Windows operating system (OS). Avira AntiVir Antivirus is a popluar antivirus tool. They also provide a free antivirus product called AntiVir Personal Edition. In addition to the free version they provide avira antivir premium and avira premium security suite for home PCs. They have good variety of solutions for business users as well!


The free personal edition is good enough for home users which provides antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit protection. You can download the free personal edition here.


Avira Update Knowledge

Just like many other anti-virus products, Avira also has to be kept update with latest virus definition files (VDF), to assure best antivirus protection against viruses, trojans, malwares etc. The Avira Antivir product supplies these VDF files several times a week and updates them regularly. But for updating the product you need an internet connection, to update online and regularly.


Due to several reasons, it is not possible to download these updates through internet connection or online. To circumvent this problem, it is possible to download these VDF files for manual update from avira servers to a PC having internet connection. Then you can copy these files manually to any other computer using a USB and manually update any other PC.


Download Avira VDF Updates

To download the the VDF files for manual updating for AntiVir Personal, Premium and Premium Security Suite, starting with version 9 as well as Avira Antivir Professional starting with version 9,


Download Avira Manual Update (multiple VDF)


For older versions,


Download Manual Update for Avira Older Versions (container VDF)


How-To Update

Once you downloaded the VDF files to your PC using internet, then you can copy the .zip file to a USB or CD. Now you can manually copy this .zip file to the computer you want to manually update the antivirus.  Start the Avira product by clicking the icon in the system tray.


 Avira Manual Update   Download


This will open up the above window. I’m using Avira AntiVir Personal Edition If you’re using an earlier edition, just try  Update > Manual Update option. Now browse the file you downloaded on the computer or USB stick. This will manually update the antivirus. After successfully updating the product, there will be a message, “The virus definition file has been updated successfully”.


Update (3/12/2010)

There is a newer version of Avira AntiVir Virus Definition file update on Dec 2nd, 2010. This update is newer and works for all Windows OS. The IVDF file is of approximately 45 MB. You can download the updated IVDF file from the following source.


 Avira Manual Update   DownloadEnjoy!


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