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I’ve been frustrated by using the screenshot tools to mark a region using the mouse. My mouse doesn’t work properly and whenever I tried to drag the mouse, to copy a region, it would give me undesirable results. I’ve been using Greenshot screen capture tool, though Windows 7 screen capture tool is available. I felt this tool to be easy, only the indifference being not able to capture region using a keyboard.


Well, after googling for a few days to months, I finally found the solution. The solution was available all the time, but couldn’t apply with my complex mind. The answer is simple: mouse keys. You have this option in many of the Microsoft Windows OS. To enable it in Windows 7 follow these simple steps.


For naive users, mouse keys are nothing but the keyboard keys – using the numeric keypad on your keyboard – instead of the mouse to move the pointer.


To turn on Mouse Keys on Windows 7:


1. Start > Control Panel >Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center.

2. Click Make the mouse easier to use.


 Drag and Drop using Keyboard   Windows


3. Under Control the mouse with the keyboard, select the “Turn on Mouse Keys” check box.


 Drag and Drop using Keyboard   Windows


You can easily set up the mouse keys from the available options. You can make any changes to the desirable options under “Set up Mouse Keys”.


Drag and Drop using Keyboard

1. First activate the numeric keypad, by pressing  the “Numlock” key. (Generally you see a light indicator when the Numlock is active).

2. You can move the mouse pointer using the keys on the numeric pad, but I intend to use mouse, as this is easy then using numeric pad.

3. Go to the position or folder or file for dragging the required object.

4. Press the forward slash or / key on the numeric pad. This will activate the left mouse button.

5. Press the zero or 0 key on the numeric pad. This makes dragging possible using the keyboard.

6. Now making use of 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 number keys on the numeric pad you can emulate dragging.

7. Press the dot or . key on the numeric pad. This makes dropping possible.


 Drag and Drop using Keyboard   WindowsHasta La Vista!


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