Gmail Call Recording – Works for only Inbound Calls

I’ve previously written about a post linking to calling any cell phone or mobile in US or Canada from your Gmail. Today, Gmail has gone further with its service and is allowing recording the incoming calls to Gmail. Integration with Google Voice has taken place in August, which allows you to make and receive calls sitting from your PC. There were a few report earlier this month, that Google had improved on this feature: the power to record inbound Google Voice calls directly in your Gmail.


 Gmail Call Recording   Works for only Inbound Calls

Google Voice has let this happen to its customers for a long time, but its not visceral. You have to hit number ‘4’ on your keypad. The feature is only available for inbound calls. There is a verbal notification regarding this recording to both the parties before the recording happens.


Gmail has this happens pretty simple. A new “record” button is just above the dialpad and will help people notice the button easily. Click the “record” button to record the call with Google Voice. The second major trouble is it doesn’t work on calls that are routed directly from one Gmail contact to another (without using Google Voice).


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  • Shaee233fine

    there are many services like or others out there that allow one to record a call. thing is.. u gotta pay!