Save/Bookmark all open Tabs : Google Chrome

Good extensions exist for Google Chrome. But by default, some features which exist in other favourite browsers like Firefox etc, are updated in Google Chrome Beta. I’m presently using Google Chrome 7.0.517.8. I always use many tabs to open countless websites at once, while doing Google search. The problem is once I need to save all these tabs to favourites or bookmarks. This feature existed in Firefox and has been inherited in Google Chrome. You can save or bookmark all open tabs at once using the right click of a mouse.


This is how.

1. Just right click a tab and the options open.

2. Select “Bookmark all tabs…”.


 Save/Bookmark all open Tabs : Google Chrome


3. This will open the Bookmark window, asking you to name a folder to bookmark the tabs.


 Save/Bookmark all open Tabs : Google Chrome


 Save/Bookmark all open Tabs : Google ChromeHurray!


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