How do I download Facebook?

Day-to-day, Facebook users are increasing and the information is also escalating at a rapid pace. But have you wondered, there are lot of things on Facebook which you feel like downloading and you did not have the option. Now, Facebook provides you an option to download the complete information that is stored on your Facebook profile. You can at ease download your information from the account settings in Facebook. This feature lets you download a copy of the complete information on your profile, including photos and videos, posts on your wall, all your messages, your friend list and other content you shared on your profile.


To download Facebook, open your account settings page. –


Enter your Facebook login details and your Settings tab opens under My Account.

Under the settings, there will be an option “Download your Information”.

 How do I download Facebook?

Click on the link “learn more” adjacent to it.

This will open a page where you can download your information.


 How do I download Facebook?

You will see some text regarding the information you’re going to download and a security message. Click the “Download” button.

Then you’ll see the following windows on your screen.

 How do I download Facebook?

 How do I download Facebook?

The download information is gathered and will be emailed to you. This takes some time to process.


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