Auto Advance to Next Message in Gmail

Most of the Gmail users continue to read the newer or older mails after finishing reading the present email. To do this task, one has to press the Newer or Older tab on the top right side of the screen.


 Auto Advance to Next Message in Gmail

This is often irritating if you’re reading a whole lot of messages, and one has to click on newer or older every time you want to go to the next mail.







Google Labs Auto Advance Feature

Recently, in Google Labs, there is a new feature by which you can advance to a newer mail, without clicking the newer or older tabs. Otherwise, you can also go to an older mail too. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Labs and enable the Auto Advance feature by Bruce D. 


 Auto Advance to Next Message in Gmail

This feature will Automatically show the next conversation instead of your inbox after you delete, archive, or mute a conversation. You can select whether to advance to the next or previous conversation in the "General" Settings page.


Once you enabled to feature, you can go to Settings > General to change the options for this feature.


 Auto Advance to Next Message in Gmail

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can check the “Go to the next(newer) conversation” or other options.


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