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If you’re using any browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc, you are much familiar of saving your favourite websites as bookmarks. But have you ever wondered what will happen, if you format your PC, change your computer, problem with the OS or any uncertain things happen to your PC or operating system. I’ve already written a post on how to . But lately, seems to terminate its service in January 2010 and this is a serious break to saving bookmarks online. Not only will this hamper your appetite to synchronize bookmarks online across various browsers at the same time, this will also stop free bookmarks online access.


But still there is hope! Xmarks already suggested some programs to have the same features its supporting, but they are still less than the expected functionality of it. However, if you’re using Internet Explorer (IE) there is a saviour in the form of Windows Live Mesh. Install Windows Live Essentials 2011 and with it comes Windows Live Mesh installed. Once installed start Windows Live Mesh from the Programs list.


  • To Sync your Internet Explorer Favorites, you need a Windows Live account.
  • Login into Windows Live Mesh using your Windows Live account.
  • Then turn on Sync under Program Settings > Internet Explorer.


 Sync bookmarks online   Windows Live Mesh


This will synchronize all your Internet Explorer favorites or bookmarks on your existing computer. So whenever, you change your computer or format your PC, just install Windows Live Mesh on that computer and all your bookmarks get synchronized.


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    Sweet, but I cannot figure out how to access my synced favorites in Windows Live Mesh. I really don't want to "sync" but store the favorites online so I can access them when-ever from any computer.
    I used to be able to do this using Live Mesh beta, but I simply cannot sync the Favorite folder as plain folder in Windows Live Mesh