Remotely Shutdown Windows 7: Using AllOff

I’ve already posted a blog post on using AllOff software. In this post I’m going to explain how to remotely shutdown Windows 7 PC using the same software.  The software works on 32 bit operating system and is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit OS. Since I don’t have the facility of a remote computer, network users must try this software and comment on its usability in the comments.


I’ll try to guide the naive users with a few steps after which you are on your own.

1. Download the AllOff software:

2. Install the server software i.e AllOff on the administration server of your company or LAN or WAN.

3. Then install the AllOff Slave on the slave or users computer.


 Remotely Shutdown Windows 7: Using AllOff

4. Once installed, you need to change the options in the configure screen. By default the program runs in the System Tray, so double click on the system tray icon to access the configuration screen. In this window, click the “Configure” button.


 Remotely Shutdown Windows 7: Using AllOff


If there are Errors, they will be flagged by the system with a STATUS message at the bottom of the screen, when Save button is clicked. Then, the parameter( s ) involved will get highlighted. All errors are to be fixed before any new data is to be saved.


The configuration screen for the AllOff Slave is similar except that CPU Averaging, CPU Threshold, Fixed Time Shutdown and Keyboard & Mouse Delay can not be changed, in addition Enable CPU Check, Enable KM Check and Enable Time Check are disabled and CPU Delay is changed to Lost Comms Delay.


5. Type in the IP address of the computer you need to communicate with.

6. Monitor Mode can only be used on the main program when AllOff is used to control a remote computer. It cannot be used on AllOff Slave.


 Remotely Shutdown Windows 7: Using AllOff


7.  When using the remote slave you can use either an IP address or if the domain name check box is ticked a fully qualified domain name (on systems without a Directory Name Server you can also use the computer name). Only change the communications port if the program gives an error message indicating a clash with another program, if you do this remember to change both main and slave programs to the same port.


My Impression: Though I couldn’t test this software as I don’t have two computers at home. Anyone with a LAN or more than 2 computers can try to install the slave and Master and check whether the remote computer can be shutdown automatically.


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