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I recently wrote a post on . Thought this is a useful windows script or task where you can automatically shutdown Windows 7 after some idle time or after a scheduled time, there are certain disadvantages with it. The task scheduler in Windows 7 has problems sometimes and this makes this task not to be executed properly. Welcome AllOff! This software helps you to make your automatic shutdown of Windows 7 very easy and configurable.


The link to the webpage for AllOff software is

The size of the software is small (only 500+ kb) and the latest version 3.5. For personal use, you can request a registration code, while you have to buy this thing if you want to use it commercially.


System Requirements

Windows 2000, Windows XP/2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is not suitable for Windows 95, 98, ME or NT.


Once you download the software and install the software, it sits in the system tray icon. If it doesn’t run automatically just try to run it from the Programs list.


How does AllOff Work?

AllOff basically works by observing the mouse, keyboard and CPU load. It will trigger auto shutdown of computer if there is no keyboard or mouse movement for a set time and the average CPU load is below the threshold for the set time. It suffices fixed activation and shutdown times. The remote desktop shutdown of Windows 7 can also be controlled using this software.


The configuration screen is self-explanatory and once you hover the mouse over the different fields, tool tips with additional information is displayed. The software also supports different shutdown features like Hibernate, Monitor, PowerOff, Reboot, Shutdown and Standby.


 Automatically Shutdown Windows 7 :AllOff  Software


In the above configuration screen, CPU Delay is set to 600 and Key & Mouse Delay is set to 1800. The computer will shutdown if there is no keyboard and mouse activity for 1800 seconds and the CPU activity is below the threshold for the last 5 seconds of the 600 seconds.


 Automatically Shutdown Windows 7 :AllOff  Software


Hurray! You found a software to automatically shutdown Windows7 after some idle time.


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