Connect Internet Automatically On Windows 7/Vista/XP Start Up

If you’re having a broadband connection like me, you might be connecting to the internet using a username and password. Though this is the norm for connecting internet, some of you like to connect internet automatically, on start up of your computer or after the computer boots up. Though this is a very old tip or technique on Windows, I would like to remind my blog users that this works on Windows 7 as well.


Connect Internet Automatically in Windows 7

  1. Open your Internet Explorer browser, whichever version it is.
  2. Go to Tools > Internet Options.
  3. In the Connections tab, select the option Always dial my default connection.


 Connect Internet Automatically On Windows 7/Vista/XP Start Up


If you have more than 1 network or internet connections, make the broadband connection you want to start up automatically on boot up, your default connection. You will see default label next to your connection when you make it default.

    4.    Click on Apply button and OK.

This will make your default broadband connection to connect automatically whenever you boot up  or start up your Windows 7 or Vista or XP.

 Connect Internet Automatically On Windows 7/Vista/XP Start UpSmile, for reading the post!

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  • Dfgkkirtwe

    is working ! 

  • Danieldan

    thank you

  • Vtop44

    I tried what you said, but it would not let me click on the circle that said always dial my default connection……I am so frustrated…Please help me…Thank you

    • Admin

      Probably you should login as an “administrator”. I think your user rights are limited. If that doesn’t work, it may be virus too. Plz check.

  • healy

    I just newly got my internet connection from DSL and this one is a perfect timing. . .thank you so much=)