Download IE9, Uninstall IE9 Beta, Restore IE8

After Google Chrome, it’s Microsoft turn to make the changes to it’s browser. Microsoft has lately released a beta version of it’s new browser, Internet Explorer (IE9). This is still in beta version. So considering this as beta version, I resisted the temptation to download the IE9 beta. But as I was reading more reviews on IE9, I felt the need may be I should try to download ie9. So finally I download ie9 beta and try the new version on my existing IE8. This completely replaced IE8 ( my default browser on Windows 7) and ie9 got installed.


Download IE9

If most of my users are like me, who want to give a try to the ie9 beta, are the direct links for downloading ie9 beta directly.


 Download IE9, Uninstall IE9 Beta, Restore IE8


But after downloading and installing IE9 Beta, you may have felt the need to restore back to the old IE8. Sometimes back, it was not possible to remove or delete Internet Explorer that easily. Welcome IE9! You have clean and easy option of uninstall or delete or remove IE9 beta very comfortably.


Uninstall IE9 beta

  • Open Control Panel and go to “Programs and Features”.
  • On the left hand side of “Programs and Features” window, you’ll find “View installed updates”.
  • Click on View installed updates.
  • In the list of updates on the right side, you’ll find IE9 beta update.
  • This will be most probably under the label Microsoft Windows.
  • Just right click on it and select Uninstall.
  • If required reboot the system.
  • Your IE9 beta will be removed and your old Internet Explorer version will be restored.

 Download IE9, Uninstall IE9 Beta, Restore IE8

Restore IE8

Once you uninstall ie9 beta, and if you’re running IE8, you’ll be restored back IE8. But the previous settings that are in IE8 will not be restored back like accelerators, smart screen filter settings, default search engine settings etc. You’ll be asked to configure these settings again, just as you freshly installed IE8. Though this requires very less time, I found it as a headache in configuring these settings again.

Bottom Line: I personally feel that IE9 beta is still not stable, as some websites are still not opening properly in ie9. It’s best to wait for the stable version and continue using the prevailing version on your OS.

 Download IE9, Uninstall IE9 Beta, Restore IE8Thanks for Reading!


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  • Guest

    hello palla my name is ron i asked for help to unstall ie 9 beta i did  what  you said about go to control panel go to updates and  click installed up dates than unistal ie9 it did not work.than  i tried to uninstall each security update with a date befor i downloaded ie 9 and than i did uninstal ie 9 that did not work either. is ther any other way? thank you ron robbins

  • ron robbins

    i have tried to do what you said severl times , it does not work for me .i  get the message uninstall did not work.i have an asus running windows 7 . if there is another way to get rid of ie 9 please help me ron robbins    thank you ron

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