Sync and share files with OpenDrive


BOXSTr has launched a new application, OpenDrive, which simplifies syncing files on your computer with your BOXSTr storage account. The application creates a remote drive on your computer and uploading files is as simple as a copy and paste job.

OpenDrive differs from other file syncing and storage sites in one significant way. Any changes made to files in your computer’s remote drive are saved in real time to your online account, making the syncing process as simple as possible. On a slower internet connection, however, this method does have its drawbacks.

OpenDrive also comes in handy when sharing large files – allowing you to link to them directly from your desktop. Right clicking on any file in your remote drive will provide you with a link to share with friends and family. You also have the option of copying files to a public folder that can be viewed by anyone. If you place music in your OpenDrive folders, you can stream, embed and share songs directly from your BOXSTr account.

While in public beta, users are given 1GB free storage. The application runs on Windows XP and Vista, with a Mac version and direct mobile uploads in the works.

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