Related Posts – Links – Search widget for Blogger from Google


There is a post written on my site, regarding “” widget for blogger.  Although the service provided is very good, I recently found another service which is in par with this related posts widget. The earlier widget I posted was for Blogger service. But the new service I found comes from google. Though there is no direct widget for related posts in blogger, which google has to provide, just like the popular posts and stats widget it recently made available through blogger draft.


I came to know this related posts widget from google through this .


 Related Posts   Links   Search widget for Blogger from Google

As you can see in the above screenshot, there are some links posted after the article or post. These related links are gathered by Google using its relatedlinks service which is a google labs feature for the time being.


Related Links is a service which helps webmasters to link up related posts or articles at the end of the post or article. This will also increase page views on their sites. Once an author writes a post, Related Posts or Links service will choose the most related pages from your site and will show in a gadget. You can embed this gadget in your website which will help you increase your views. Related Links can also suggest searches that users will be able to run from their site to find even some more related pages.



Unfortunately, this widget or service is not available to all users. This can be said to be one of the disadvantage or cons for this widget. Presently, only invited users can use this Related Links widget. You can email  stating your Gmail address, website domains and approximate page views per day in your email to avail this service.

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