Call US-Canada cell-phone free from India-UK-Asia or Anywhere in the World

I was wondering, when would gmail be allowing the rest of the world to call US,Canada cell or phone for free. I already written an earlier post, on google service which allows for free. May be their service is only for a year now, but perhaps, google is kind enough they may let the US, Canada people take advantage for some more time. While it’s good news for US, Canada netizens and internet browsing people, that they can call their counterparts cellphone or mobile phone and phones from their computer, it’s still sad news for the rest of the world that they still have to pay to call their friends who are staying in US or Canada.


Well, luckily I found a work-around or a hack, you may call it, for the rest of the world, India, UK, Asia netizens to call their friends in US, Canada, their phones or mobile or cellphone for free.


Here are the steps of doing it.


1. Install HOTSPOT Shield or US, Canada Proxy Tool.

If some of you are not familiar with proxy, it is a way or making the computer think that you are using a particular country ip or internet address, even though you’re in a different country.




HOTSPOTShield is a proxy tool which allows the other computers to think that you’re using an US IP address. I work from India and checked this tool, if my ISP is blocking it. Luckily, this proxy tool gets un-blocked and allows me to connect to any US sites, if blocked by my country censorship. The tool is very easy to install. Just click the .exe and follow the on-screen instructions. After that, you run the tool. In your default browser, you get a message saying that you’re “Connected”, which is the final proof that you’re using US proxy.


2. Goto Gmail and open your account.


Once you open your gmail account, there will be a label saying “Call phone” under your name.

 Call US Canada cell phone free from India UK Asia or Anywhere in the World  Call US Canada cell phone free from India UK Asia or Anywhere in the World

As you can see in the above screenshot, which I made from my own computer, you can see the label.Just click the label and you will be displayed a small screen to enter the US, Canada cell or mobile or phone number.


3. Get Connected.


Once you enter the cell phone number of your friend residing in US or Canda you get connected with him. Now you can talk with your US or Canada friends for free. I tried this with some of my friends and is working perfectly. Also, my friends say that they see an US or American number when I call them.

Hmm! Interesting !


Bottom Line: Use Hotspot shield or Hotspotshield, get connected as an US user, open your G-mail account and call your US, America, Canada friends on their cell phones or phones for free.

Note: You can also try, as a US proxy tool instead of Hotspotshield as suggested by DebajyotiDas of


Thanks to Gmail for being such a nice technology!


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