Safe-Secure-Encrypted Google Search : SSL Search

Have you ever wondered, how your privacy is being thrashed by many online and windows peeking software. One eg. is the google search engine, where your searches are clearly monitored by Google and many third party vendors. Is there any solution to this problem? Well, Google has come up an answer to it’s own problem.


Google Search over SSL.

It has been more than often resulted that your search terms and your search results pages are being intercepted by a third party. Using Google Search over SSL, you have an encrypted solution between your computer and Google. This secured and safe channel will protect your SERP from being tapped by third parties.


Does this mean, Google will not watch us! Is it really secure! Perhaps Somewhat!


To use Search over SSL, visit, each time you perform a search.

 Safe Secure Encrypted Google Search : SSL Search

This is the screenshot, that you’ll see for the SSL search over Google. It is still in the beta version.

Note: Only Google Web search is available over SSL. Other search products like Google Images and Google Maps are still not supported by this feature.

To see more features about Google’s new SSL search, please visit the following .

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