Outlook Express and Windows 7: Import Contacts

If you’ve come here, from google you should read my earlier posts on outlook express and Windows regarding importing . Now, in continuation to the earlier post, we are going to write about importing contacts from Outlook Express or Windows Mail into Windows Live Mail for Windows 7. Contacts are one of the important things you do in email clients.

To import Contacts.

  1. Open Windows Live Mail by clicking the Start button start button for windows Outlook Express and Windows 7: Import Contacts. In the search box, type Windows Live Mail, and then, in the list of results, click Windows Live Mail.
  2. In the lower-left corner of the Windows Live Mail window, click Contacts.
  3. Click the File menu, point to Import, and then click the type of address book that you want to import.

    If prompted, browse to the file that contains the contact information that you want to import, click it, and then click Open.

Simple Tip!

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  • Tjbrewer95

    I had to import my Outlook 2003 contacts into Windows Live Mail when the two programs were on different computers. After much screwing around, this worked:

    1. Open Outlook, Open your contacts list, Hit FILE and then Import Export, then export to a file, and then choose a CSV file. Then hit NEXT and on the resulting screen, find your contacts file among all the other stuff. Chose the contacts and choose an appropriate file name for the save, and then save it. It will save as a CSV Excel file. If you plan to take it to another computer, save it on a thumb drive.

    2. And this is a bit weird. Put the thumb drive into the new computer containing Windows Live Mail. Go to COMPUTER and bring up a menu of the thumb drive. Select the Excel file that you just saved and open it. Then, save it again under a new file name, but when you save it, go through the save options until you find the CSV file option. (Otherwise it will save as an Excel file.)

    Note: I tried simply importing the original CSV Excel file into Windows Live Mail, and for what ever reason it only imported about 10% of the contacts. I suspect that giving it a save on the new machine may straighten out the CSVs somehow. I don’t know if it matters, by my new computer has the latest version of Excel on it.

    3. Then, simply open Windows Live Mail, go to contacts (lower left corner). When the contacts come up, hit import, choose a CSV file, and then browse to find the file that you created above. All this worked fine for me, and I did not have to use Outlook Express as other posters seem to have needed.

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