Devcon problem in Windows 7 : [Solved]

If you are using “devcon”, which is a small command-line utility for managing device drivers in Windows OS, you’re in bad luck if you’re working on Windows 7. Though most people tend to use ‘”Device Manager” graphical utility to update, install or remove the drivers in their Windows OS, sometimes it becomes a necessary to use the command-line utitlity “devcon”, to fix certain problems. Some examples of these problems are like when you use scripting and when Windows Server installed on Server core option etc.

Features of Devcon:

1. All the device driver functionality that comes with “Device Manager” graphical utility including advanced functionality such as,

a. disable device.

b. select one specific driver for specific device etc.

Cons of Devcon

1. It is simply not available as a out-of-box tool. You cannot find the tool very easily.

2. The complexity of the syntax is hard to understand.


Download the current Version of “Devcon”


OK. These are some of the features and introduction of devcon. Let’s see, how it works in Windows 7. On  googling devcon, I found a forum post, which says found problem working with devcon in Windows 7.



1. Download the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 7.1.0 from Microsoft. Download here. It’s an ISO image of hundreds of MB size.

2. Use Universal Extractor 6.1, to extract the ISO to a temporary file on your hard disk.

3. Using Universal Extractor again, extract the windows installer file “”WDK\setuptools_x64fre.msi“” to a temp directory. If it’s a 32 bit version, the file name may be little different.

4. In the temp installer file,  you will find “WinDDK\7600.16385.win7_wdk.100208-1538\tools\devcon\amd64\devcon.exe“. This devcon works fine, under W7x64 Pro.

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  • Rduke15

    The MS download is an .iso, so it can be opened with any iso tool. Maybe you already have one, so you don’t need to install another program. (Or you can mount an iso on Mac or Linux machines without additional tools).

    In the ISO, devcon is inside a .cab archive: So any .cab extract tool would work. The file is named “_devcon.exe_00000″, so you probably want to rename it to devcon.exe.

  • PatCole

    OMG took me forever to figure out how to get it working for my win 7 x64 (failed so many times on The thing I finally figured was wrong was I was mistakenly extracting everything to a folder on my desktop. I then made a folder in my program files (x86) folder and extracted the devcon.exe file and batch file (from link) and it FINALLY worked! Soo many hours of stressing o_o

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  • Admin

    @Me. Thanks for the response.

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  • Me

    Brilliant link, thank you. Here's a link which automates the removal:
    It worked for me on Wind 7 Pro x64 with iCore 5

  • Admin

    @saporati: Thanks for the comment. I'm glad that the post helped you. Keep reading!.

  • saporati

    Great post, great help! I found about 300 "6to4" hidden network devices on a Vaio Laptop with W7 64 bit… can't manually delete all of them, your post saved me ;)


  • Bandit

    If you're like me and don't want to download a 650mb file to get the latest devcon.exe, I've uploaded a copy for you here:

    • Hani

      thank you very very much you saved me a lot of downloading because i have a slow internet connection

    • Err0r_500

      Thanks a lot!

  • raxon

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    It brought my lost partition back to life.