“Cannot find the file Wordret.msi” – Error Installing Office XP SP-1

If you ever faced the above error while installing office xp sp1, there is no problem to worry about. Microsoft has a technical solution for the above and you can easily rectify the situation. I have researched the web through google, and found various situations that this problem is not in sync with Office XP sp1 alone. Some users have error installing office xp sp3 as well. As you can see in this forum, the user faces the same problem installing Office xp sp3.


Solution: If you’re really searching for the file “Wordret.msi” then you can find in MS Works Suite. It’ll be on CD #1  for that product.


If you have still other issues, regarding this problem, here is a typical symptoms, cause, resolution from this microsoft support page


As can be observed in the support page, if you get any error installing Microsoft Office XP Service Pack (SP1) , one of the errors may get displayed.

Microsoft Word cannot open the End User License Agreement. This feature is not installed, would you like to install it?

If you continue to click Yes, you may receive the error something similar to this kind.

Cannot find the file Wordret.msi.

The cause for this type of error is because if you’ve a stand-alone installation of Word 2002 that interferes with installation of the Office XP service packs.



1. Remove the stand-alone installation of Word 2002, from Add or Remove programs in Control Panel.

2. Repair Office XP in the Maintenance Mode. To do this, turn off all the anti-virus products and insert your Office CD-ROM.


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