RIM Tablet: The ‘BlackPad’ Review


It has been long since the iPad has been released. After it’s successful journey as a tablet, companies are running after to bring a competitive product along the same lines. Mashable reports that the Blackberry maker may introduce it’s tablet product to the world anytime next week, at a conference in San Francisco.


 RIM Tablet: The ‘BlackPad’ Review  RIM Tablet: The ‘BlackPad’ Review  RIM Tablet: The ‘BlackPad’ Review  RIM Tablet: The ‘BlackPad’ Review


RIM(Research In Motion) might get its tablet name labelled as BlackPad by the Blackberry boys. The features may include a seven inch touch screen, one or two cameras, Bluetooth and broadband connection etc. The Wall Street Journal sources say it may only connect to mobile networks through Blackberry only. RIM may use a new platform by QNX as it’s OS, instead of Blackberry OS. The downside of iPad is that it doesn’t have a camera and flash, which might give an edge to RIM tablet. The Blackpad may have the same form factor of 9.7 as the iPad. The two cameras – one front facing to have the ability to video chat and one-rear facing, the ability to tie the RIM tablet to a Blackberry phone so it can gain Internet access when it’s out of range of a Wi-fi network, and presumably RIM tablet having all the security features could give competition to iPad. Earlier, Addictive Tips predicted the specs of BlackPad being 7.0 Inch Display screen, Marvell 1.0 Ghz Armada 610 Processor, 1080p HD Video Playback capability, Hardware-based Flash Accelerator, 5 MP Primary Rear Camera, VGA Front Camera, Bluetooth, Preloaded with Blackberry 6 OS, Wi-Fi, Slide-Out Integrated Keyboard, 4GB Internal Storage. The speculations about the specs regarding RIM tablet seem to vary regarding display, OS and keyboard.


But the drawbacks are Blackpad may not be sold with a cellular option and the RIM store does not have that many applications as does the iPad/iPhone store possesses. Also RIM has trailed Apple in the touch screen features. RIM supposedly may price the BlackPad at iPad prices (which starts at $499),  may not give it an edge for users looking for a tablet with less prices than the Apple iPad. RIM has only 6,000 apps compared to Apple’s 225,000 apps for its devices.


Amid expectations, it is to be seen finally how Blackberry will unveil it’s tablet in-competition with Apple’s iPad.


Update (27.9.10)

The QNX’s operating system is a worthy competitor to Apple’s and Google’s platforms. It could address several of the con features of Blackberry like devices, RIM has produced . Such features include slow, stable and hard to program for devices. RIM’s new operating system will go in competition with Apple and Google offerings.



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