Disable-Stop-Remove Google Instant Search

Google released it’s new feature called “Instant Search”, which displays live results as soon as you start typing. It automatically gives suggestions to your query before you end up typing up your search. According to the Google Instant homepage, Google’s key insight is that people read quickly while they type slowly. So it felt that internet users can scan the result pages while they type. Disable Stop Remove Google Instant Search  Disable Stop Remove Google Instant Search

As you can see in the above screen shots, as I typed “go” in the Google search box, it already suggested some pages. But when I changed it to “god”, it automatically changes the search results. Google thinks that by using Google Instant or Instant Search, an average user can save 2-5 seconds per search.


Features of Google Instant Search

  • Instant Search is available on Google domains in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia who use the following browsers – Chrome version 5/6, FF v3, Safari v5  and IE v8.  For users on other domains, they can access Google Instant Search if they are signed into Google Account.
  • Google anticipates that Google Instant Search will not slow your Internet connection.
  • 15 new technologies contribute to Google Instant Search functionality. Also, most of your searches will be returned in very less time, because the results will appear before you finish typing.
  • Google Instant Search is still not available on mobile.


But still from my experience and according to my friend Debajyoti Das of Snaphow.com, the google instant search is still an annoying feature, when you type, and little confusing. Before you end up typing, you given un-necessary suggestions, just like in the above screenshot. So if you prefer to disable or stop or remove the Google Instant Search feature it’s very simple.


 Disable Stop Remove Google Instant Search

Disable/Stop/Remove Google Instant

As in the above screenshot, just besides the google search bar, there is  link saying “Instant is On”. If you want to disable it, just click the arrow icon beside the link and select “Off”. Your Google Instant Search will be disabled and you can enter search as normally you used to do before.


 Disable Stop Remove Google Instant Search


Enable Google Instant

To enable the google instant search again, just click the arrow icon again and select “On”. This will re-enable your Google Instant Search.


There is another option to do the same using “Settings” tabs on the top right hand corner of Google page. Click the arrow icon, next to “Settings” on Google search page and you will displayed with the “Search settings” page.


 Disable Stop Remove Google Instant Search

As you can see at the bottom of the page, you find settings to enable or disable the Google Instant search.


! Thanks for reading.

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  • MRobvious

    This article does not reflect the title.  The correct title s/b:  How to stop google instant for a session.

    For a real solution, find your home page defintion in the registry.  If it is not set to your liking, reset it and test it.  Then add it to your Firewall registry protected keys.


  • Natasha Mullin

    I follow your directions to disable google instant. I follow all the techies on the blogs directions to disable google instant. It keeps coming back and I dispise it — mainly because it gives me only 10 results and I have to click on-going pages to continue my search. Time consuming. Frustrating. And infuriating that I can’t control my on computer search engine.

  • http://techlikes.com Admin

    Well, that's true. The "Suggestions" feature is still on. But that is not much annoying as the "Instant Search" feature. Also, Bing.com is still not that technically advanced as Google.

  • Nightbreaker

    This stops the annoying "Instant Results" but not the more annoying "Suggestions" drop down box. The drop down suggestion box "feature" also blocks the listing of prior entered search texts. The answer is to use Bing.com instead and tell Google where they can go.