Add Adsense Below Blogger Post Title


By default, Blogger does not provide any gadget or page element to add adsense code below post title. A small modification is to be needed, if you want to place adsense ads below the post title. Why do you need to put below post title? Well, according to the heat map of Google, one of the profitable positions of placing Google Adsense ads is below the post title.

These are the following steps to do the above hack.

Note: Please back up your blogger template before you make any changes.

1. Get a parser to parse Adsense code

First of all, you need to parse the Adsense code to insert it in the blogger template. So type “parse adsense code” in google search and select a suitable tool to parse adsense code. Otherwise, my personal favorite is the Blogcrowds Parser. Use the tool to parse the adsense code. The steps for parsing are self-explanatory.


2. Look up the following tag : <p><data:post.body/></p>

Find the above tag, and paste the parsed Adsense code above that tag.

 Add Adsense Below Blogger Post Title


Note: If you have more than 1 tag (<p><data:post.body/></p>) of the above kind, please paste the parsed Adsense code, just above the last tag in sequence. If you still find a problem, just try copying and pasting the parsed code before the earlier tags. Trial and Error!


3. Showing Adsense Ads in Post Pages Only!


If your blogger template has summary of posts on the homepage, which is different from the normal post pages, this additional hack will display the ads below the post title in post pages only.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>parsed Adsense code here</b:if>

Now paste this code, above.

The above step is necessary as you can post only 3 Adsense units on any page. So if homepage contains more than 3 posts, there will be blank space after each summary post, in place of Adsense ads. In order to circumvent this problem, it is suggested to place Adsense ads in post pages only!


4. Floating Adsense Ads.

By default, adsense code will not allow any code to be displayed nearby it. In order to have Adsense display text adjacent to it or allow Adsense ads to float, you need to do the following modification.

  1. <div style=”float:left;padding:5px;”>
  2. parsed adsense ad code here
  3. </div>

You just need to add the tag above the parsed adsense code. You are just adding code and not changing any adsense code, so no problem with Adsense TOS. If you still want to display these ads in post pages only, you need to make the appropriate modification.

You can change the code in red to either left or right, to make Adsense ads to float left or right.


That’s it! Enjoy your dollars rock and roll!

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