Cool Windows 7 Apps: Browsers

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In addition to the above Windows 7 apps, I’m listing some more cool Windows 7 apps for your new Windows OS. In this post, you’ll be seeing some cool browsers, media players, registry cleaners and many more cool apps for your Windows 7. I’ll not only be listing the cool Windows 7 apps, but which come free for you. These cool apps I have listed because I reviewed them on my computer and feel essential for your Windows.

1. Firefox, Cool Web Browser: One of the coolest browsers on the web you can use is the Firefox 3.6.10. Although, Firefox 4.0 Beta has been released, but it’s suitable to wait for a stable version. With Firefox come cool add-on, which have made Firefox very versatile to use in your Windows 7 and makes one of my favorite cool app. You can change your themes for Firefox and add some 5000+ add-ons available. Firefox also raises its initiative for security, bringing in new malware and phishing protection. Download the cool and stable Firefox 3.6.10

2. Google Chrome, Secure Web Browser:Although, late to come into the browser market, it’s entry has been more than phenomenal. It’s simple and you can consider this as the most secure. You can try the latest Google Chrome Beta version here. You’ve incognito mode for secure browsing if you don’t want to show any web pages that you visited in your web history.

3. Internet Explorer, Common Browser: The most fundamental browser of all times, and which still continues to rule major browser market of the world. It has different features like accelerators, webslices, inprivate features and smartscreen filters. Download the Internet Explorer 8.0. You can also try the new Internet Explorer 9.0 Beta Vista.

4. Opera Browser, Technical Browser: It is one of the full-featured internet browser. Though it is out of the pack, and less used by most people. It has it’s advantages being a cool app for Windows 7. It has pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, opera mail client, RSS News feeds and IRC chat. There are some advanced features like speed dial, search shortcuts, trash can, mouse gestures, opera link, quick and customizable web search etc. Download the Opera 10.62

5. Safari Browser, Fastest Browser: Safari not only allows you to connect to internet, but has sophisticated design elements that makes browsing a joyful experience. It has finally some extensions similar to that of Firefox add-ons, more support for HTML5, Safari Reader for better online reading, Faster JavaScript Engine, DNS Prefetching and Improved catchng, improved address bar, better tab settings etc. Download the Safari 5.0.2.

 Cool Windows 7 Apps: Browsers  Cool Windows 7 Apps: Browsers  Cool Windows 7 Apps: Browsers  Cool Windows 7 Apps: Browsers  Cool Windows 7 Apps: Browsers


I couldn’t accommodate the other cool apps, as the post already became long. I will  list some more cool apps for Windows 7 in my other posts.

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