Essential Windows 7 Apps

If you’re reading this post, you must be reading my earlier post on top windows 7 apps. But inspite reading the above post on top windows 7 apps, you still not convinced that the list of windows 7 apps is complete. Here is a list of essential windows 7 apps that you may find useful for your Windows 7 OS.


1.  “Classic” Start Menu, Windows 7 Apps: If you wondered, what happened to the classic start menu in Windows 7? It’s still there! Don’t Worry! Many users of Windows 7 would be dazzled by the new Start Menu in Window 7. But still legacy users of Windows would prefer it the classic way, most probably the XP/2000 users. CSMenu, will restore your Start Menu in Windows 7 to a classical version.  Essential Windows 7 Apps

This can be done by installing a companion Start Menu on your taskbar. If you want to eliminate the newly-fashioned Start Menu and use only the classic Start Menu, grab StartKiller and change all signs of progress!







2. Password Screen Customizer, Windows 7 Apps: Although there are many possibilities in Windows 7 to customize your system settings. One cool windows 7 apps you would be needing is the Logon Screen Customizer for Windows 7, that simply takes a JPG file (256K or less) and applies to change your logon screen.  Essential Windows 7 Apps

If you’re interested in doing a little registry hack, there’s a manual tweak for logon changing. But Logon Changer is worth installing if you intend to change the logon screen.








3. System Recovery Disks, Windows 7 Apps: If you’ve purchased a new Windows 7 computer, the Windows 7 comes pre-installed. But getting a full Windows 7 disc or a system recovery disk, is a “good option” which costs you some extra cash. But if you feel that you may face any problems in future regarding boot-up and system errors, it is worthwhile to invest in NeoSmart’s Windows 7 System Recovery Discs.

 Essential Windows 7 Apps

These discs can be helpful in repairing damaged files, restore System Restore points for Windows 7 and can also get full backups for restoration.







4. Hulu Desktop Integration, Windows 7 Apps: The best Windows 7 apps which comes pre-installed with Windows 7 is Media Center. But one of the drawbacks of Windows 7’s Media Centre is it’s missing streaming television app. Media Center already added CBS streaming, to its list of applications, but the one missing out is Hulu. Hulu delivers different TV shows from Fox, ABC, and NBC. Hulu Desktop Integration is one clever apps for Windows 7 Media Center.

 Essential Windows 7 Apps

When you open the Hulu app from Media Center  in Windows 7, it shuts down and opens the full screen Hulu Desktop app for Media center. After the streaming is complete, Hulu Desktop closes and switches back to Window’s Media Centre.







5. Stacks Desktop Apps, Windows 7:The most renovating features of Windows 7 has been it’s Taskbar. It is being hailed more than the Mac OS X’s Dock feature. But one missing link in the Windows’7 task bar ammunition is the capability of “Stacks” feature. To the rescue is the StandaloneStack or 7stacks, which is a cool software that implements the “Stacks” feature.

 Essential Windows 7 Apps

This features rescues in doing a great job by creating blow-up menus of folders and apps from single icons on your taskbar. You will be never be tempted to use the “My Computer” again!






These are some of the essential Windows 7 apps you would be tempted to use if you bought a new pre-installed Windows 7 computer for you. Although, some of the apps are essential, you’d be likely to  read my next Windows 7 post on cool Windows 7 apps. !

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