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Almost a year has gone, since Windows 7 has released. Laptop and OEM manufacturers have started sending down Windows 7 with their hardware. Advertisements also peeked up about Windows 7. Now that you have go in search for real cool Windows 7 apps for your computer. You must have searched the internet for best windows 7 apps, but here is a post where I have collected my list of top windows 7 apps.


1. TuneUp Utilities 2010: TuneUp Utilities 2010 helps in solving your Windows problems, increase performance and efficiency, and keeps your PC up-to-date. One of the remarkable feature of this tuning software, is it has a turbo feature which disables unnecessary background programs and concentrate all the current CPU power on active programs. This will also accelerate the start-up and response times of your programs for optimal functioning of your PC.

Download: TuneUp Utilties 2010 (Shareware)

You can also find a TuneUp Utilities 2010 post for Windows 7 with Keygen, on my website. Using the above keygen or crack, you can convert your shareware program to fully working version in Windows 7, as well.  wave1 Top Windows 7 AppsEnjoy!

2. Windows 7 Alt-Tab Switcher: With Vista Switcher, you can do a far more elegant way to switch between running tasks than using the old Alt-Tab dialog. It shows a full sized preview of each task window. It also shows easy-to-read relevant lists of tasks running, shown with clearly identified titled icons, to find them in seconds. With Vista Switcher, you get a nice preview of task window on the left with the application icon and text description on the right. Vista Switcher gives you an exact preview of the application you want to switch to, even if it has multiple child windows.

Download Vista Switcher for Windows 7


This is a freeware version. You can read more about it in my post, Best Alt-Tab Switcher for Windows 7. thumbsup2 Top Windows 7 AppsEnjoy!

3. Gmail Notifier for Windows 7: With Gmail prime-de-facto email client for many netizens, it has been become a requirement to have an email notifier for the same. Well, I found a gmail notifier or which notifies on email arrival, called Meebo Notifier. It starts with Windows 7 automatically once it is connected to the internet. It pops up small messages showing the header of the email message whenever a mail arrives. But this works only for 1 email account, whose preferences have to be set in your account.

Download Meebo Notifier for Windows 7

You can also read more about the Meebo Notifier in my earlier post, Gmail Notifier for Windows 7.

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4. Cleaner for Windows 7: Using Windows 7 voraciously will create lot of temp and un-necessary files, which become cumbersome to delete after a while. There are different tools to delete these un-necessary stuff like CCleaner.

Download CCleaner for Windows 7

CCleaner is a custom PC-cleaning application which offers more than enough features to be worthy downloaded. It removes unused files from your system, so that Windows can run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. CCleaner’s interface is logically designed and makes it easy to wipe away your tracks from Internet Explorer and Mozilla, various Windows system areas, and some third-party applications. zz 1 Top Windows 7 Apps Enjoy!

5. Free Online Diary for Windows 7: Everybody from girls to boys, kids to working men, keep a private diary. In these days of digital age, people are lazy enough to pen their ideas on a book. So they perhaps prefer to finger their nails on keyboards and store their precious private stuff in software, online diaries. One such free online diary is iDailyDiary.

Download Free Online Diary : iDailyDiary

You can read the complete details of this software on my earlier post. A Free Online Diary

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