A Free Offline Diary: Software

Tired of writing diaries with pen. Keeping a diary was only for the educated for a long time. Diaries can be a sole possession of teen girls. Free offline diary for girls is sought out software. People respect free offline diary as private material. There are variety of reasons for writing a diary, both private and personal. People from kids to adults, all have the habit of writing diaries from school to working age. But this is a digital age. People are interested in writing everything on computer and storing it. I have searched the internet for good free offline diary journal, for many months but couldn’t find one. I was searching for free offline diary software on CNET, and found several software. Several software existed, but none of them to my requirements. Finally after testing different free offline diary journal software, I finally found a good software.


Download: Free Offline Diary


The free offline diary is iDailyDiary from Splinterware. This is a free offline diary software for the daily user. iDailyDiary has been designed to be simple and easy navigation. It works on the principle of page for a day diary. It works on different OS like XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, and Windows 7. iDailyDiary is a freeware and also has an upgraded version iDailyDairy Pro,  which costs $30. The pro version has additional and special features like a spell checker, thesaurus, sticky notes, and many more themes. The freeware version can contain a mixtures of pictures, formatted text, rich text etc.

 A Free Offline Diary: Software

You can go to View > Preferences, to set up the data and backup folders. As you can see in the below screenshot, the data folder options let you decide the preferences for saving the data folder. i.e the default location to store new diary files and default location to store BACKUP diary files.

 A Free Offline Diary: Software

The free offline diary tool’s homepage gives a look of a word processor or an email client like Outlook. The main features of this free offline diary journal tool is it has selectable toolbars for navigation, cutting and pasting, searching, fonts, bullets, and other rich media text effects. A calendar bar runs along the bottom of the free offline diary journal tool; the days of the month are colored for a quick visual aid. You can easily insert and remove pictures and hyperlinks from your diary pages. One more benefits from this offline diary tool is that you can embed links to previous diary entries.


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Free Offline Diary

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