Disable Windows 7 Taskbar Preview! It Works!

If you’re using Windows 7 already, you must be very annoyed with the windows 7 taskbar thumbnail preview. If you google for this annoying problem, you’ll come up with different websites offering registry hacks to variety of solutions, to disabling these taskbar thumbnail previews in Windows 7. BUT DON’T TRY THEM! THEY DIDN’T WORK OUT FOR ME!


Everytime you hover your mouse on any active icons in the Windows 7 taskbar, you see a small preview of the application running. For e.g if it’s a browser, you’ll see the website the browser loaded in a small window. Well, some people find it annoying to see these small thumbnail previews in windows 7 taskbar, as they tend to slow down the system. Also, these take some resources of the computer, making the computer slow. But unfortunately, there is no one complete solution from microsoft or any of the other Windows 7 websites.


I tried many different solutions offered by many websites, but of no avail. Many seem to give registry hacks and some through group policy editor in windows 7, but none of them didn’t work out. Then I came through a post in “sevenforums”, which I tried. Hola, suddenly out of the blue, it worked out better than the rest of the posts. Many of you might be cursing microsoft, for not giving the option just as in Vista, do disable Windows 7 taskbar thumnail preview using taskbar properties. Anyhow, I welcome this cool program called “7 Taskbar Tweaker”, which did the trick for me.


So finally a solution, to disable the Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail previews!


Download the following program.: 7 Taskbar Tweaker.

The above link is not a direct link to the program, but to the homepage of the author. If you did a little search on the page you can find the program.

NOTE: This will allow you to enable or disable the taskbar thumbnail previews using a free program called 7 Taskbar Tweaker. It is a standalone EXE file, so there is nothing to install. You just run the exe file. The download for it is in a RAR file, so you will also need a program like 7-Zip to open the RAR file and extract the EXE file since Windows 7 does not support opening RAR files by default.


How to Disable Taskbar Thumbnail Previews?

 Disable Windows 7 Taskbar Preview! It Works!

Under Thumbnail preview, check Disable, and click on Apply. (see screenshot above). You’ve several different options in 7 Taskbar Tweaker for Windows 7, which you can play with, to suit your taskbar needs.


Note: Sometimes, the thumbnail previews tend to come up after restart or logoff, but just run the program again and uncheck and check the disable option in the above program. It’ll work out! It worked for me and it should work for you.


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