Best Windows 7 Alt-Tab Switcher : Really Good!

Statistics show that on an average, user switches between applications with Alt-Tab hundreds of times. If you’re a computer user for a long time, this must be one of your favorite hot keys for changing applications and windows. It is one of the most normal and commonly performed actions on your computer. But interestingly or dismayingly, it seems that this task is most unappealing to the lay computer user and inconvenient in its default action. One has to face the realm of settings that even in this most talked about OS after XP, still there has been no change to the default Alt-Tab functioning. Don’t Worry!

We’ve come across a eye-candy tool which will relieve you from this suffocation and encourage you to use an excellent tool with awesome gigantic previews that show exactly what window you are changing to. The naive computer users may request Microsoft for this kind of application in their next release of Windows OS.

 Best Windows 7 Alt Tab Switcher : Really Good!

As you can see in the above screenshot, you’ve the list of applications on the right hand side and a gigantic window preview of the application on the left hand side. Isn’t it good! The application is called VistaSwitcher.

Download VistaSwitcher here

What are the System Requirements!

VistaSwitcher runs under Windows XP/Vista and 7. There is also a native 64-bit version available for download. The program integrates into Windows natively and runs without any compatibility issues.



1. Speed up Windows 7 Alt-Tab: The main advantage of VistaSwitcher is a brand new Alt-Tab switching window. Unlike to the stadard Alt-Tab, VistaSwitcher shows a full-sized preview of each task window and easy-to-read relevant lists of tasks running, all shown clearly with titled icons so you can find the one you need within seconds. Conveniently, you don’t have to press the Alt-Tab repeatedly to finally select the required application. Navigation is much easier (and more intuitive, too); simply hover your mouse over the desired task or select it with the arrow keys on your keyboard. With VistaSwitcher, finding the right window is a breeze!


2. Easy Windows Management:

 Best Windows 7 Alt Tab Switcher : Really Good!

You can select multiple windows and apply the same action to all of them simultaneously. Simply select the windows of your choice using the middle mouse button or Shift + Arrow Keys (or “S” shortcut key), and then apply a bulk action to all selected windows.

3. Switch between Windows of the same application:

You can cycle through your open documents as easily as you do with your open applications, using Alt + ` (grave accent or backtick) – just like on Mac OS. It’s easy to remember if you note that the backtick (`) is the key right above the Tab on a US English keyboard layout.


4. Multiple monitor support: The default Alt-Tab dialog always appears on your main monitor. You don’t even have a choice! Quite the contrary, VistaSwitcher shows the task switch dialog on the active monitor – the one you’re working with now. It uses a smart algorithm to determine which of your monitors is currently active – either by the mouse cursor position, or by the active window caption.


Cons: From my experience of this application, I didn’t find too many dis-advantages. It seemed to work what it is supposed to do! But if you’re using a mouse to select the icon in the Windows 7 Taskbar, the window blinks a little and opens a little slowly. But if you’re using the Alt-Tab option, I didn’t find any problem. Apart from this, everything seemed OK.

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