Gmail’s Priority Inbox: Read Important Email

Most Email users must be facing the same problem of unlimited mail. You must be receiving numerous mail and you are in a dilemma of what to read and what not to read! Thanks to Gmail. Gmail has introduced a new feature in its email application, called Priority Inbox. With this feature in place, you need not worry about sorting your email to read important email. All the top priority and important email are sorted out and kept on the top. All you have to is go through these mail.


 Gmail’s Priority Inbox: Read Important Email

As you can see in the top image, the Priority Inbox looks as above. All the “Important and unread” mail are at the top. The rest of the mail, are dropped into the next list. So when you see your mail, you’ll be refreshed with unread and important mail only….


How do you get “Priority Inbox”?

First of all, if you’ve not used “Priority Inbox” till now, you should see a label “New! Priority Inbox” at the top right hand side corner. Just click it and “Try” it. Gmail’s Priority Inbox: Read Important Email 


But how does this works?

Well, according to Gmail, the spam filter is a good tool for processing spam. But it also can scan your mail, to list out the important email. So the spam filter tool will keep learning what mail you keep reading often and lists them as important email. But what if some mail is important and is not in “Important” list. All you have to do is mark it as “Important”!

 Gmail’s Priority Inbox: Read Important Email

As you can see in the above image, some mail which i consider important are put in the next list to “Important” mail. So if you want the next mail from this user to be in your “Important” list, just mark it as “Important” and you’ll have a symbol next to that mail. Next time, the mail from the user will be in Important list.


Settings of “Priority Inbox”

If you click the “Settings” tab, you’ll find the different settings for “Priority Inbox”. You can also see the way, Priority Inbox works.

Gmail analyzes your new incoming messages to predict what’s important, considering things like how you’ve treated similar messages in the past, how directly the message is addressed to you, and many other factors.

 Gmail’s Priority Inbox: Read Important Email

You have the “default inbox” option, so you can choose which inbox to open on start. You also have the option of different sections under “Priority Inbox”.  You can change the options for these sections. Also you can choose to override filters or don’t override filters. You can choose to show markers, Priority Inbox or choose not to show them.


smile regular Gmail’s Priority Inbox: Read Important EmailEnjoy!

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