How to Increase Battery Life in Windows 7

Windows Vista was cursed for it’s battery life, so Windows owner Microsoft worked hard to get the complaints in the trash bin, by improving it in Windows 7. Windows 7 has been advertized strongly for its power saving capabilities and has been revealed that it can save large organizations a fair amount of electricity bill. But, Windows 7 had it’s share of minor battery complaints. The major complaint was not that it is draining the batteries, but it appeared to misunderstand the health of the batteries and ask the users to replace the batteries. So, let’s see how you can increase or maximize the battery life on Windows 7.


Let’s find out what is the biggest hog in power resource. If you think, is it speakers or processor or Wi-fi bluetooth? you are on the wrong side. The biggest hog of all the power source for your computer is your display. Let’s look at the various sharing of power resources by your computer.

 How to Increase Battery Life in Windows 7

The major power hogs are LCD or monitor, Chipset, Processor, Graphics, Harddrive, Network etc. Ok, now we’ve seen the different power resources taken by your computer. Now, if you are using a old laptop and if the battery drains off quickly after it’s being charged, then it is probably time to get a new one. These tips will help you only if your battery is healthy.


Tip 1: Windows 7 has a great control panel utility which you can get it easily by pressing Win + X. This utility easily helps you to adjust brightness and choose a preset power plan. If you want more advanced options, you can click on the battery icon in your task-bar and go to more power options.

Here you can change different things like when you want to display to dim, when to go to sleep mode, your screen brightness when your laptop is plugged in and out. Once unplugged, it will automatically revert to these settings for you.


Tip 2:  The most important tip is to reduce the brightness of the display or monitor. You will see a drastic improvement in your battery life, if you follow this tip.


But there’s more settings to play with.


Tip 3: If you go to change advanced power plan settings you can change things like your processor speed, system cooling and set what your power button does and many more settings.

 How to Increase Battery Life in Windows 7 You can play around with these settings like, to make the hard drive to turn off quickly, the wireless adapter into low power mode and reduce your processors maximum state. Some systems have a “System Cooling Policy” which will allow you to select whether you want your system to cool with fans or let it cool naturally.  This will reduce processor power and prevent it from getting hot.


Tip 4: Another big consumption of electricity bill is your wireless and Bluetooth radios. These use a fair amount of battery life, particularly Wi-fi. Even when you’re not connected, it looks to get connected constantly scanning. If you’re typing Word and don’t need Wi-fi, make sure to turn it off.


Tip 5: There are important things like to kill unnecessary programs and processes that are running in the background. If you try to “X” out of them, many programs seemed to close but, when you check your system notification tray area, there are many processes or programs working. Try to exit them manually.  You can also try Ctrl + Alt + Del to get to your task manager and have a look there as well.


Tip 6: Also if you’re using low RAM, then the programs try to switch between the hard-drive and RAM. This also ends in more utilization of power resource. Therefore, try to have more RAM, which will help to stop switching between hard-drive and use less power, as RAM is not that expensive these days.


Try these steps, and see if you can increase or maximize your battery life.



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