USB Mouse Not Recognized on Windows 7 : Solution

Did you ever had a problems with USB mouse installing on Windows 7? If so, there’s a solution proposed by MSFT member Mark. This article is written from the post of Technet. This problem arose for people having laptops like Inspiron 1545, Sony Vaio, HP Pavilion etc. Different mouses like Microsoft USB mouse, Dell USB mouse, Targus mouse etc were used by different customers in finding the solution to the problem.


The following solution applied to you, if you have any of the following conditions.

1. If the mouse hardware is crossed out or shown an unknown device with a red mark in the device manager.

2. If the mouse works for a few days or weeks and stops working after sometime.

3. If your mouse works on older OS like Windows XP and does not work in the new Windows 7.

4. When you unplug and replug the mouse, mouse is neither detected nor any messages related to plug n play devices are shown in Windows 7 system.

 USB Mouse Not Recognized on Windows 7 : Solution USB Mouse Not Recognized on Windows 7 : Solution 


 USB Mouse Not Recognized on Windows 7 : Solution

 USB Mouse Not Recognized on Windows 7 : Solution

 USB Mouse Not Recognized on Windows 7 : Solution

 USB Mouse Not Recognized on Windows 7 : Solution

The solution for these problems is as follows.

If it shows up as an unknown device, it’s unlikely to be caused by a mouse driver problem.  This means that the USB controller can’t get some critical info from the piece of hardware.  The driver being used for the mouse is either a driver provided by Windows, or one that came from Windows Update for that mouse.

It’s possible that the hardware is in a bad state.  Please power off the machine, disconnect the mouse, pull the battery, and let it sit for about 15 minutes.  Then connect everything up again and see if you still have this issue.

Try uninstalling all of the USB root hubs, then all of the USB controllers & then rebooting (so they’ll reinstall)?


Any more doubts, check the original forum page.

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  • raxon

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  • Manhattan

    As a tech, I deal with this type of question all of the time. People should be aware that basic mice and keyboards (ones that do not use programmable buttons) usually do not need extra drivers. If the Operating system is XP or newer, the drivers are part of the operating system.

    You have provided some great troubleshooting steps. I tend not to have people uninstall the root USB hub or controller, unless I am finding multiple peripheral failures or random failures of USB devices. Great steps though.