Lab Results of Sony VAIO E Series Benchmarks

Once the new Sony VAIO E series is out, people are crazy about what to buy and which model. I already reviews some models and their prices. Here we are going to show some certain parameters, on which Sony VAIO E series has performed.


These results can  be compared to their category products and come to a conclusion, on whether Sony VAIO E series performs better or not.  So here is a weapon, where you can see and check for the different parameters that are tested by “”. From here, you can have an idea of how these marks are scored by Sony VAIO E series.


Test Name Test Result
PCMark Vantage 5,449
Boot Time 56 seconds
LAPTOP Battery Test 02:44 hrs
LAPTOP File Transfer Test 21.70MBps
LAPTOP File Transfer Test(in min) 02:55min



Far Cry 2 (1024×768)


Far Cry 2 (native res)


World of Warcraft (autodetect)


World of Warcraft (Native Res)

25 fps

Wireless Test (15 feet)

45.10 Mbps

Wireless Test (50 feet)

32.80 Mbps

Heat – Touchpad

95.0 degree
Heat- G+H keys 94.0 degree
Heat -Bottom 101.0 degree
Charge Time(to 80%) 01.54 hours
Charge Time(to 100%) 03;12 hours
Avg Watts to Charge 32.70 watts
Total Watts to Charge 6.278.4 watts
LAPTOP Green Efficiency Rating 38.3


For complete details, on these results please visit

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