Command-Line Options for Windows 7 Performance Data

There are several ways to start Windows 7 control panel options. One of the control panel options is to get performance data for your computer. Though it is easy to go to Performance data options in Control Panel, it is still time-taking procedure. An MS-DOS or thorough Microsoft professional user would expect some command line options, for your performance data in Windows 7. Here are some command-line options for getting faster access to Windows 7 Performance data.


First you need to open your command prompt in elevated mode. This is simple and have already posted about in other Windows 7 posts. All you need to do is Start > type cmd in the search box.

Note: Don’t press “Enter” immediately. Under the “Start Menu” options you can see cmd under Programs. Right Click and Run As Administrator.  Voila! You’re in elevated command mode. (Or) The simple way, type “cmd” in the search box and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.


To double check you should see C:\Windows\system32 as the path.


Now, the following options give greater control of Perfmon.exe directly from the command-line:
perfmon /rel - Lets you review your computer’s reliability and problem history (the same result as right-clicking the Monitoring Tools node in Performance Monitor and selecting View System Reliability).
perfmon /report - Collects performance data for 60 seconds and then generates and displays a system diagnostics report.
perfmon /res  – Opens the Resource Monitor (the same result as right-clicking the Monitoring Tools node in Performance Monitor and selecting Resource Monitor).
perfmon /sys – Opens the Performance Monitor in stand-alone mode (the Sysmon.ocx ActiveX control).
An additional option, /comp, allows for comparison overlay between two open instances of Performance Monitor.
Note that these options are for use with Perfmon.exe but not for use with Perfmon.msc.


So, enjoy these options from the command prompt of Windows 7.

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