How to find Apple iPad Specification Details

The iPad Specifications are nothing but some numbers to uniquely identify your iPad. These include Serial, IMEI, ICCID numbers. These numbers are useful and unique so that Apple can easily identify your device i.e iPad and diagnose it.


Serial Number is a series of numbers to uniquely identify the device, which is commonly on all devices.The IMEI Number is the number which is assigned to every mobile phone handset, and while the iPad also offers similar functions it comes with IMEI Number too. There are many different ways to find these numbers, which are listed below.

First of all is the Apple iTunes Software which is bridge between your Apple iPad and your Computer. Once you connect the computer to the iPad using the USB Cable, you will find the details in the software screen itself.


Locating the serial number:

1. Open iTunes.
2. Select the iPad when it appears in the left-hand column.
3. Click the Summary tab. The serial number will display as shown:

 How to find Apple iPad Specification Details Locating the IMEI and ICCID:

1. Click Serial Number, and iTunes will display the IMEI of your iPad:

 How to find Apple iPad Specification Details 2. Click IMEI to see the ICCID:

 How to find Apple iPad Specification DetailsOn the the back of the iPad :

Your iPad serial number is engraved on the back metal case as shown .

 How to find Apple iPad Specification DetailsiPad Specifications from “About screen”.

You can find your iPad serial number, IMEI, and ICCID in the About screen on your iPad. From the Home screen, tap Settings > General > About and scroll down.

 How to find Apple iPad Specification Details Pad packaging : If you still have the original packaging that your iPad came in, you can find your iPad serial number and IMEI printed on the bar-code label affixed to the packaging.

Hope the above informative tutorial which was created with the help of Apple Support was useful to use in finding the iPad Numbers for warranty and other issues.

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