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Buying an iPad is the hottest trend, as it’s sales have crossed 2million copies.I have already posted about its features, cons, coverflow review, specifications in my earlier posts. Now it’s the turn to apply some geeky applications to iPad. The compatability application iPad Peek, is a wonderful simulator tool to check your website compatibility on iPad.


You must have tediously designed a website, conforming to IE and other browser standards, and was hoping it won’t give any trouble on the new slim device iPad. Ooops! Visitors on iPads may be complaining that your website is not that visible or having problems in resolution etc. So, what do you do?


Check your webpage with a iPad simulator called the iPad Peek. This service is completely free.You can enter the url of the webpage or site and check out the preview of the site. In order to have a better simulation of the website on your iPad, better disable Adobe Flashplayer, which is still not placed in the iPad.You can enjoy better ad-free experience and browsing experience, as all the CPM based advertisements would be automatically disabled from being displayed.


Here is a preview of our website techlikes.com on iPad Peek.

 Test iPad Website Preview – iPad Peek Well, my site looks ok, though I didnt disable Adobe Flash.

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  • Joe Shmoe

    iPad Peek is a crock. It's nothing but an iFrame. Which means you're not seeing how your website will look on an iPad. You're only seeing how your website will look in whatever browser you're using right now.